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Your Persony-authorized Conference Central hosting solutions provider

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"I recommend the JKL-5 Groupe to provide hosting services for the Persony web conferencing software. Persony is using the team of professionals at JKL5 for maintaining and monitoring the Persony Management Server."
-- Eric Chen, Founder and CEO of Persony
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Persony Web Conferencing 2.0 is a feature-rich web and video conferencing solution. You can share your desktop, give a sales presentation, see others in high-def webcams, or conduct a webinar, all from your own private web conferencing site. Persony Web Conferencing 2.0 is web-based and doesn't require download. Participants can join a meeting from virtually any web browser and computer.” - from the Persony Product web site.

JKL-5 Group provides high performance, high availability hosting of Persony Web Conferencing 2.0 on our Enterprise Hosting Platform.

We're ready to take care of your business with world-class care. Sign-Up today or contact us via the web or by phone (+1.514-907-9429) for more information.

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